Kumaoun University


Established in 1973, Kumaun University boasts two expansive campuses with a further 62 affiliated colleges spread across the Kumaun region. The total area covered by the university thus far is an impressive 150 acres. The beautifully designed colleges blend in perfectly with the surrounding architecture and complete the breath taking scenery. In order to cater for the technical, professional and vocational education, another campus is being built at Bhimtal. Special emphasis is placed on Kumaun to uphold the motto of excellent teaching and high quality research. In the residential and affiliated campuses, both teaching and research activities are equally important factors that support the curriculum and contribute to the student’s learning habits. The situation of the university in Uttaranchal offers excellent research and teaching due to its landscape which is on undulating high ground. There are many herbs and plants that can be studied as well as rocks, minerals and eco systems.

The university is known for its research and teachings in Environmental Geology, Establishment of Particle Physics and Environmental economics as well as boasting several centers that offer interesting research. Furthermore it continues to raise awareness regarding a variety of topics including economic resources, medicinal plants, environment, development of tribes, human rights and symmetries and conservation.

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