The power of an empty mind

A famous quote says  “Pen is mightier than the sword”, here Pen is a metaphor for the mind, the mind of a writer. No doubt, Mind is most powerful component of human body. When one is  fearful of something, what is it? it’s all in one’s mind. If one tells that he/she  can do it, the mind is ready and  what happens is that person wins over  his/her fears. Mind can make a person but at the same time it can break a person too! With a powerful mind one can sit in a space shuttle and fly off to the moon. When mind plays games , one become skittish even to get into an elevator and he/ she have to take the stairs(claustrophobia).

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Everything we have in life need maintenance . Like For our vehicle we do oil change et. For a house we do cleaning ,whitewash etc. Even for our body, we do bathing, eating, exercising and once sometimes go  for medical checkups. Likewise we do variety of activities to maintain almost everything we have.  But do you ever spend time on maintaining the most import thing in your body? Do you ever perform  maintenance activity of your mind? We should do maintenance of our mind by emptying it. Purging all unnecessary thoughts, negative emotions and fears that are there in the mind.

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Now what are the benefits of emptying your mind? We all know this quote “Empty vessels make more noise”. It is not right in this context, I see it the other way. When the mind is empty, it generates  something beautiful. creativity takes place in the empty mind. Another benefit is that it keeps away from illness like stress, diabetes etc. An empty mind have clarity in thoughts that helps in reducing confusions and dilemma. When you have a clear mind you can think better and you can make more prudent decisions. It also leads to a more peaceful and happier “You”.

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How do you empty your mind? To reach the complete state of emptiness of mind is not something easy. I know if I could do it I would be a “Mahatma”. However to achieve emptiness up to a certain extent one can practice yoga i.e. exercising, stretching and relaxing the body,  pranayama i.e. Pranayama is breathing exercise, and meditation. Practicing yoga and pranayama are precondition to have effective meditation. Meditation is different for different disciplines of meditation, for some it is humming of a mantra, for some it is concentrating on one point, and for some it is not thinking of anything at all. Which ever it is, meditation leads you to empty mind and eventually makes your mind creative to create beautiful. Emptiness in mind attained by meditation leads you to a place which is so beautiful, where you meet yourself once again. It is the melting point where you meet the divine in you, the pure white reflection of you. The reflection which has no negative emotions, attachments, judgments or feelings. This is the power of an empty mind.


So empower yourself by emptying your mind, practice Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.



Yashveer Rawat