Hospitality industry is a key element in growth and development of India and Indian economy.

Hospitality industry started in India in the 17th and 18th century,before knowing the contribution of hospitality industry in India we have to know that hospitality industry made up of-

Food and beverage industry

Lodging industry

Recreational industry

Travel and tourism industry

Hospitality industry contributing in India in growth and development of India, Developing infrastructure in India, Building of high quality roads, tourism spot,

Through hospitality industry huge foreign money come in India which is good for our economy,

Hospitality industry generate large number of jobs for people of India,

During2019 contribution of travel and tourism to GDP was near 6.5% of that total economy rupees 13,68,100 crore.

In 2022 foreign exchange Comes in India by tourism industry is near 7 billion U.S. dollars.

In 2022 Indian tourism sector generated 31,000,000 jobs which is near 7% of the total employment in India,

Hospitality industry considered as a sun rising industry in the India,

Now India is a developing country so there is a big future and can play important role for growth and development of Indian economy.

By Karan Singh

BHM-1st Semester